Vaccine Card Holder - Magical Silhouettes

Vaccine Card Holder - Magical Silhouettes

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Looking for a way to keep your vaccine card safe?  This Vaccine Card Holder is perfect for that!  Currently, it is not recommended to laminate your card, but it is so easy for this card to get bent or otherwise destroyed through normal daily life in a wallet.  By using a specific vaccine card holder, your vaccine cards will be even more protected, and you can easily take your vaccine card out whenever needed. This simple fabric wallet is designed with 2 clear vinyl pockets, which means that you can easily show your cards without needing to take them out.  Whether you are needing to show your vaccination cards for travel, work, daily life, or to just keep them safe at home, this fabric wallet with 2 clear vinyl pockets is a practical yet cute way to keep your medical shot records perfected.   

When closed, this vaccine card holder is approximately 3.75 x 4.5 inches, which means they fit a 3x4 inch immunization card issued by the CDC.  Please measure your card before ordering to make sure this size will work for you.  When opened, the fabric vaccination card holder is approximately 4.5 x 7.5 inches.   As with all handmade items, each fabric wallet is unique, so exact measurements and fabric design placement may vary.

**This listing is only for one vaccine card holder and nothing else shown in the picture**

**For the finishing, please check out this post to see the different options more clearly** 

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