Bear Necessities Bag - Villains Posters

Bear Necessities Bag - Villains Posters

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This bear necessities bag will help you tour Disneyland or Disney World without having to worry about carrying around unnecessary items in a huge bag.  It is petit, yet it can hold everything you would need for a full day. Plus, it has an additional clear pocket that you can use your phone through! Yes, it is touchscreen!  That means that if you need to quickly answer a text while having dinner, you can avoid being rude by subtly responding without even removing your phone from the clear outside pouch.  The comfortable fabric strap is adjustable, so you can wear it at a size that flatters your individual style. This is a necessity for any woman who wants the ease of carrying the essentials with her no matter what is on her to do list and yet still feel connected to the happiest place on earth.  

This Disney bag is approximately 8x6” with a 5.75” looped key fob included, which means it will be big enough to throw a wallet, cell phone, keys and other necessities in and still look sleek with any outfit.  The bag widens to about one inch from the bottom, which gives it a lot of flexibility regarding how much you can fit in it. Plus, it has a large front pocket that can easily accommodate most phones, including all the sizes of an iphone.  Of course, your phone is functional through the vinyl pocket. That vinyl pocket could also be used to store pins in for pin trading!

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