Large Hanging Boxy Bag -Planets

Large Hanging Boxy Bag -Planets

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Some people consider putting shoes on a couch to be in poor taste, but many just toss shoes into their suitcases on top of their clean clothes without a second thought.  That used to be me until I started running outside, where my shoes would frequently get super dirty. Thankfully, when I travel to Disney World for a RunDisney event, I will now have the Large Hanging Boxy Bag to help me.  It is the perfect size for running shoes. My husband wears a size 12, and his shoes easily fits. I wear a size 7.5, and I can fit my running shoes, flip flops, and a pair of flats in one Large Hanging Boxy Bag.

The Large Hanging Boxy Bag is approximately 13 x 9 x 4 inches.  This size is extremely versatile! You can hold shoes, enough outfits for a weekend getaway, or swimsuits for the entire family in the bag.  Because it is clear, you can quickly see what you have already packed, and the fabric touches gives it that magical Disney style.

What sets the Large Hanging Boxy Bag apart from other packing cube or organizational bags is the hanging aspect.  It has a sturdy yet easy to open buckle that is similar to traditional fanny pack buckles. You can not only hang this bag on traditional hooks or hangers, but you can also use the buckle to attach it to practically anything like towel racks attached to the wall, strollers, or suitcases.  The hanging aspect was designed to save you more space on your counter of your cruise stateroom or hotel room. It is extremely easy to pack these bags, and even though the zipper is in the middle, things do not easily fall out even when shaken. Please be careful if hanging heavy things in this bag.

If you would like to see a demonstration of how these bags can be used as well as some shaking/hanging tests, please check out the youtube video I made by clicking the link below.

Possible Uses to Organize:

  • Outfits
  • Flip Flops
  • Shoes
  • Minnie Ears
  • Toys
  • Baby Needs
  • Accessories
  • Clothes
  • Swimwear

To clean them, just wash them on the delicate cycle of your washing machine and hang/lay out to dry.  Do NOT put them in the dryer.

Thanks for cruising my shop!


*This listing is only for the bag-NOT for the contents of the bag seen in the pictures.*

**Fabric placement may be different from the picture shown, but it will be similar and look cute!**

***Some of the pictures are showing you how the bags are used and are not necessarily the fabric for the bag you are purchasing.  Please be sure to check the first picture, which is the fabric you are purchasing.***

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