Makeup Bag - Villains Party

Makeup Bag - Villains Party

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One essential part of a Disney vacation is taking pictures.  Disney is a place like no other, and having photos to look back on those happy times is important to every family.  Though not essential, makeup helps many to gain confidence to jump in that picture with those cute kiddos to make sure the entire family is in the shot.  And, many more, like myself, have grown quite a large makeup collection. Well, all that makeup may not fit in your suitcases along with a different pair of Minnie ears for each of your outfits.

That is where the makeup bag comes in!  It is the perfect size to hold your ride or die makeup favs.  And, because it is longer than many makeup bags, it can also fit your brushes and other tools.  Plus, it’s slim design means that you can slip it into any pocket of your suitcase. Because it is made out of clear vinyl, you can quickly spot just the basics when you are so tired from waking up early to rope drop.  They are approximately 11.5 x 7” , which means the makeup bags can easily fit in a backpack to keep while in the park. Use your favorite makeup wipe to clean up any smudges.

*This listing is only for the bag-NOT for the contents of the bag seen in the pictures.*

**Fabric placement may be different from the picture shown, but it will be similar**

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