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Feel confident while going through TSA security with this bag!  It is compliant with airline regulations to hold the necessary liquids that you want to keep with you while on the plane. This see through bag is the perfect way to help get you organized for your Disney vacations.  This clear bag is about 7.5 x 8.5 inches. It has a squared off bottom, which gives it flexibility to hold items of different shapes. This size makes it great as a small cosmetics bag to throw into a purse or backpack for those touch ups needed while on the go.  It can also help organize essentials like travel-sized medicine, toiletries, or sunscreen. 

Although it is not 100% waterproof, the vinyl will add extra protection if you decide to take valuables with you on attractions like Splash Mountain.  To clean it, all you need to do is wipe it down. This bag is an essential packing item for any Disney trip! You can put so many things in it!

Additional uses:

  • -Wet bag
  • -Cosmetics bag
  • -Travel bag
  • -Security bag
  • -Diaper bag organizer
  • -Purse organizer
  • -First aid bag / ouch bag
  • -Magic band
  • -Project bag
  • -Medicine bag
  • -Toy organizer
  • -Planner organizer

The organizational possibilities are endless with this travel bag.

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