5 Amazing Things about being an Introvert in the Disney Fan community

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A few days ago, I wrote a post about some of the difficulties I’ve experienced as a Disney fan and how I thought they might have corresponded with being an introvert.  Today, I want to share some positive things about being a Disney introvert.

  1. Appreciating the details

As I told you last time, Disneyland and Disney World can be very overwhelming.  If I am feeling that way, I will put myself in time-out. I have a list in my head of my quiet spots in Disneyland, so I will just tell the rest of my party to go on ahead of me while I have some much needed time to collect myself.  During that time, I will usually sip on an entire bottle of Diet Coke to get some energy and just people watch. I love seeing the different creative outfits people wear! I will also look for hidden Mickeys or other small touches that imagineers have added for us to enjoy.  I just take a moment to appreciate the place that I am in.

*Flo’s can be a quiet place to cool down and just people watch!*

2. Tons of ways to learn

I get my energy from being by myself, and there are just so many ways to get revitalized while also feeding my fandom.  I have been addicted to podcasts since at least 2009, and I always have an earbud in, listening to the latest Disney news and analysis from my list of favorite Disney podcasts.  I rarely watch regular TV these days because I get my entertainment from watching Disney vlogs! I really appreciate how many free options I have to learn in a style I prefer - at home, by myself.


3. Special events

Disney has a lot of special events, and because they usually are well organized, they aren’t stressful to attend!  I went to dapper day 2 years ago, and I had a blast! I didn’t feel any pressure to socialize any more than I wanted to, yet I got to participate.  


4. Creative

Obviously, as a handmade shop owner, this is a major part of my Disney life.  Back in 2013, I saw fabric that instantly reminded me of the tiki room, so I just had to sew myself a dress in it.  I didn’t even know what Disney bounding was, but I wanted to express my love of Disney through being creative.

5. You can do Disney your way

The thing I love most about being a Disney fan is that as long as you are being kind to others, there really isn’t a right way or a wrong way to express yourself.  You could be a secret Disney fan. You could love the new changes Disney is making to attractions. You could have not seen all of the films. It’s all ok because you can do Disney your own way.

Thanks for reading about my experience!

Happy cruising readers,


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