Our Tradition of Celebrating the 4th of July at Disneyland

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Yes, you did read that title right.  Erik and I now have the tradition of celebrating the 4th of July at Disneyland, and we may not be as crazy as you think.

Most think of this day as a time of crowds and heat, and they would be right.  But, Disneyland is largely a locals park, and a lot of locals still like to celebrate the fourth with their families at the beach or a bbq.  The crowds start pouring in the closer and closer it gets to fireworks time because everyone wants to pay their respects during Disney’s flag retreat ceremony or enjoy the special patriotic finale for the fireworks.

*Photo Credit to Gothc Rosies Disneyland Info Page *

The heat, prior plans, and the fact that it is a day off for most and they like to use it to sleep in means that the morning crowds are about an average summer day on the fourth!  Erik and I (and sometimes friends) will rope drop Disneyland. Due to the inevitable heat, we may or may not enjoy a dole whip for breakfast! It really is fun. It is also a special time to enjoy the Lincoln attraction to soak in the history of not only Disneyland itself but also to pay respects to all the sacrifice that gave us the privilege of living in a free country.

Happy Fourth of July readers!


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