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*drum roll please*……..I am proud to present to you the newest addition to Amy’s Small World - THE MAP BAG!

This bag was originally a custom request from a Happy Cruiser.  She wanted a bag to be able to keep park maps from being bent during trips to Disney World or Disneyland and then have them easily stored as a special keepsake of that trip.  I thought her idea was GENIUS! And, I’m so thankful that she allowed me to share her idea with you.

Even if you are a parks expert and know where every bathroom, attraction, and restaurant is, Disney maps are fun because they frequently change the covers, the interior changes as imagineers work on new pieces of magic, they are easy to find, and they are FREE! Plus, if you are in the language education field like I was, they come in so many different languages, which makes it great for hands on learning.

One of the main reasons why I am so excited to add this to my shop is because of my brother-in-law.  He has been to the parks so many times, yet he always grabs a park map, despite knowing the most efficient route to everything.  I finally asked him about it, and he told me that he likes to keep the maps as reminders of special times he has with his kids. My jaw almost hit the floor! He is a great dad and overall person, but he is more of the financial/business type than the sentimental type.  It was then that I learned that maps are so much more than just a tool to learn but they also can have a deeper meaning.

These map bags are slim to make packing/storage easier, but they can hold a lot of maps.  They are approximately 11.5 x 7” which means that the maps will have room to slip in and not get squished.  Right now, there are 10 fabric options available, but if you love them as much as I think you will, more will be coming to the shop soon.  

I really hope that some, like myself, will look at park maps a little differently and maybe even pick one up to remember a special time with loved ones.

Happy Cruising Readers,


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  • Would this fit inside a Ju-Ju-Be Be Quick? Or would there be an option to make it slightly smaller?

    Nadia on

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