Disneyland Annual Passholder Sephora Event Review

Posted by Amy Goninan on

My bedtime routine is to check email, instagram, facebook, and play Frozen Freefall until I run out of lives.  Yes, my life is very glamorous - thank you very much. Well, late Thursday night, I saw a post from the Disneyland Annual Passholders Page, announcing a special event at Sephora! Passholders could get a free mini makeover or mini facial.

This sounded just perfect for me!  I have never really been into makeup, but I have done a complete 180 degree turn since discovering beauty Youtube channels.  I am seriously addicted, and if you ever need any suggestions on who to watch, I’m your girl. I don’t have any confidence in my ability to do my makeup well, so this seemed like a perfect learning opportunity.

This event happened Saturday, June 16th from 8-10 a.m.  Once again, this was just meant to be because I am one of those strange creatures that like to get up in the morning, so I was walking into Sephora at 8:02.  

With Disney annual passholder events, I am never quite sure what to expect.  Sometimes, there are really long lines, and the wait just doesn’t seem worth it.  This was not the case. There wasn’t any line at all!!! Yes, you heard me. I was at the Disneyland Resort, and I just walked up and enjoyed myself without any line.  

I was first greeted with a surprise that with a purchase of any amount, I would get a little makeup bag filled with samples.  After that, there wasn’t any sort of organization I could see, so I just wandered around the store a bit. I was feeling a little awkward because I came to learn about makeup, and I didn’t see a place for the makeover.

Thankfully, my friend Bethany happened to be there, so my little panic session soon faded away.  She helped me find the place to sign up for the make over. They gave us this paper showing us our options.

Even though it wasn’t even 9:00 in the morning, I chose to get the smokey eye done because I have no idea how to do it, despite watching many tutorials.  After about 5 more minutes of drooling over pricey makeup, I was called over by Michelle, my makeup artist, who is basically magic.

In just a couple of minutes she made me look fancier than I ever had in my entire life!  Plus, she showed me how to do it. She was really patient with me, when I asked her questions and to repeat herself, so I could memorize how to do it at home.  This was just an eye look, but I loved it! She made me feel really special during our short time, and she wasn’t pushy at all about buying products.

While I was waiting for Bethany to finish her makeover, I did see that they had some coffee, juice, and pastries available.  Thankfully, they didn’t look too special, so I wasn’t tempted to cheat on my diet.

I ended up purchasing the eyeliner that Michelle used to create my look (the urban Decay 24/7 Glide on eye pencil in whiskey) , and I got the free sample bag.

This was a great way to spend the morning, and I’m so thankful that Disneyland continues to do special things for their annual passholders!

Happy cruising readers,


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